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Diving Professional Courses

Full range of professional courses now available! From Scuba Instructor through Technical Diving and Rebreather Instructor, we can provide the training you need!Chris Langehaug - Course Director - Rebreather Instructor Trainer - Technical Diving Trimix Instructor Trainer

Course Director Training here we come!

SLC Scuba's own Chris Langehaug was accepted into the July CDTC in the Dominican Republic. We will soon be offering instructor level courses (both recreational and technical!)

Sidemount Diving!

Upcoming PADI Sidemount, Tec Sidemount, and Tec 40 programs happening this month. Contact us for more details!

Enriched Air at SLCScuba!

Enriched Air class this week with additional open water dives! Enriched Air extends bottom times and helps with repetitive dive planning! Send a message to join our class in Salt Lake!

Project Aware and Coral Reef Conservation Specailties

Upcoming class on Project Aware and Coral Reef Conservation. Learn more about our underwater world!

SLC Scuba

SLC Scuba

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