Technical  Sidemount Diving

The PADI TecRec Tec Sidemount Diver course develops the base equipment-related motor skills and underlying knowledge for the use of sidemount in technical diving. Developed for maximum flexibility, the Tec Sidemount Diver course addresses a wide range of divers. Becoming a Tec Sidemount Diver requires you to demonstrate mastery of motor skills and procedures used in different forms of Tec Diving. If you're new to technical diving, you need a base understanding of what technical diving is, and the philosophies you apply as a Tec Diver. Additional Technical training can be achieved through the Tec Basics or Tec 40 courses.


PADI Tec Sidemount course is intended for recreational divers looking for a technical diving transition course.  The equipment requirements are the same as for the Tec Deep Diver Course.   The expectation is that a Tec Sidemount diver plans to conduct their technical dive training in sidemount or are already back mounted technical divers looking to make the transition to sidemount.

  Tec Sidemount - Chris Langehaug

You'll learn to:

  • Introduction to Tec Diving in Sidemount Configuration
  • Tec Diving  Two Cylinder Sidemount
  • Managing Gas with Stage Cylinders and Decompression Cylinders
  • Sidemount Diving with Stage Cylinders and Decompression Cylinders
  • Managing Out-of-Gas Problems with Stage/Deco Cylinders in Sidemount
  • Sidemount Rigging as well as Rigging for Stage/Deco Cylinders
  • Replacing a Malfunctioning Regulator
  • The course will require 2-3 days of diving (including pool and open water sessions), 2-3 academic sessions, and 2 or more equipment configuration sessions.


    • Certification as PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent)
    • Minimum age of 18 years old
    • Have a minimum of 30 logged dives, of which at least


    The course will require 2-3 days of diving (including pool and open water sessions), 1-2 academic sessions, and 3 practical application / equipment configuration sessions.

    Depth Range:

    • Dive 1: Pool - 2 sidemounted main cylinders and practice with 2 stage/deco cylinders
    • Dive 2: 20-60 - 2 sidemounted main cylinders
    • Dive 3: 20-60 - 2 sidemounted main cylinders
    • Dive 4: 30-100 - you will dive with 2 sidemounted cylinders and at least a stage/deco cylinder
    • Dive 5: 30-100 - you will dive with 2 sidemounted cylinders and 2 stage/deco cylinder


    Each diver will be required to have a complete set of personal dive equipment, including:
    • 2 Diving cylinders at least 80 cft for sidemount.
    • Primary & secondary regulators for sidemount
      • One with a seven foot hose for air sharing
      • Both with SPGs (Usually with a 6" HP Hose)
      • At least one regulator must have a low pressure inflator for supplying the BCD
    • 2 Stage/deco cylinders with regulator, SPG & staging kit
    • BCD & harness configured for technical sidemount diving
    • Exposure protection (dry suit use requires prior dry suit diving experience)
    • Weight system (if needed)
    • Lights as necessary, including primary and backup
    • Safety reel
    • Lift bag (100lbs min)
    • Spare clips, pull-ties, tank wrap bands & other rigging accessories


    Equipment provided by SLC Scuba:
    • Computer with decompression software
    • Oxygen analyzer
    • Emergency Oxygen & first aid kit
    • Contents labels
    • Forms & support materials
    Divers will read the appropriate section of their TecRec manual and answer the Knowledge Reviews prior to the practical application portion. A score of at least 80% is required on all exams.
    • Certification: PADI TECREC - Tec Sidemount Diver
    • Cost: $500.00
    • Dates: Please call or e-mail for next available class