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Welcome to!

We offer everything from entry level dive training through instructor level courses. Our team focuses on private to semi-private training. Our goal is to create the best divers and dive professionals possible. We constantly dive for fun and truly enjoy what we do. Our staff stays current with all training updates and practice safety and rescue scenarios routinely. Our team loves what they do and it shows in the enthusiasm and level of detail we put into every course we offer.

Our Staff

Chris Langehaug – Owner and Training Director

Chris Langehaug - Course Director - TecRec Instructor Trainer Originally certified in 1995 in Panama, Chris was a Jungle Warfare instructor at the time in the US Army and often wondered what it was like under the beautiful blue Caribbean waters they trained on. Upon certification, Chris spent most of his free time diving and has been hooked ever since. Chris founded SLC Scuba in 2010 and is one of a hand full of Course Directors (Scuba Instructor Trainers) in the area. Additionally, Chris is the only PADI Trimix (highest level of open circuit technical diving) Instructor Trainer and PADI Rebreather Instructor in the Region. He is able to teach just about every course (diver and instructor level) PADI has to offer.
Teaching Credentials:
  • Course Director (PADI)
  • Tec Trimix / Tec Deep Instructor Trainer (PADI - DSAT)
  • Tec Trimix / EANx Gas Blender Instructor Trainer (PADI - DSAT)
  • Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer (PADI)
  • Diving Specialty Instructor Trainer (PADI)
  • Rebreather Instructor - Poseidon MKVI & Se7en (PADI)
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer (EFR)
Diver Level Certifications:
  • Full Trimix Diver
  • Poseidon MKVI & Se7en Rebreather Diver
  • Hollis Explorer Rebreather Diver
  • Sentinel Expedition Rebreather Diver
  • Full Cave Diver (NSS-CDS)
  • Diving Emergency Specialist & Diving Emergency Management Provider (DAN)
Equipment Related Certifications:
  • VCI - Visual Cylinder Inspector (PSI-PCI)
  • OCCT - Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician (PSI-PCI)
  • VRT - Valve Repair Technician (PSI-PCI)
  • Hollis T.E.C.H. - Full Equipment Technician (AUP-Hollis)
  • Poseidon Equipment Technician including the MKVI Rebreather (Poseidon)

Greg Parsons – Instructor

Greg Parsons - MSDTGreg loves the water and diving. He especially enjoys traveling around the world trying to find his "favorite" dive site. One of Greg's diving passions is digital underwater photography and videography. Greg has designed various underwater camera mounts for rigging and lighting. He's currently learning more about rebreather diving for the amazing aquatic life interactions and silence it brings to his underwater videography.
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Specialty Instructor for multiple specialties
  • Emergency First Response Instructor (EFR)
  • Tec, Sidemount and Rebreather Diver

Steve Edwards – Instructor

Steve Edwards - MSDT PoolSteve enjoys diving from the kelp forests of California to the warm waters of the Western Caribbean. Some of his favorite diving interests include deep water, wrecks, search and recovery, and underwater navigation. Steve is a huge fan of dry suit diving and teaching it as dry suits help to increase comfort levels in the colder waters thus increasing dive times. He is a true aquatic ambassador and has a deep interest in coral conservation and Project AWARE. Steve is passionate about helping to protect our rivers, streams and oceans.
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Specialty Instructor for multiple specialties
  • Emergency First Response Instructor (EFR)
  • Sidemount Diver

Nate Porter – Instructor

Nate Porter - MSDTNate's first dive was at the age of 13. His parents met diving and encouraged the family to become scuba enthusiasts. Nate prefers warm shallow reef dives teaming with fish and marine life, but he’s always game for a dry suit deep wreck or night dive when the opportunity arises. Nate currently resides on the island of Maui but frequents Utah and is always up to teach and dive when in town.
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Specialty Instructor for multiple specialties
  • Emergency First Response Instructor (EFR)
  • Sidemount Diver

Dan "Lieutenant Dan" Barney – Instructor

Dan Barney - OWSIDan absolutely loves diving wrecks and reefs. He originally learned to Dive in Guam in 98 while on a Naval Deployment. Prior to becoming a professional, Dan spent 10 years diving amazing destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Cozumel, the Cenotes of Mexico, California, Florida, Roatan, Belize, and many Rocky Mountain lakes and reservoirs. In 2009, Dan became a dive professional and has worked with multiple instructors and shops refining his excellent training skills. Dan has taught professionally most of his life and is an excellent diving educator.
  • Specialty Instructor for multiple specialties
  • Emergency First Response Instructor (EFR)
  • Multiple DAN Diving Emergency Certifications

John Evans – Assistant Instructor

John Evans - AI - Chris Langehaug - CD
  • Avid Digital Underwater Photographer
  • Tec, Sidemount and Rebreather Diver
  • Full Cave Diver

Our philosophy on Dive Training and choosing an Instructor:

Choosing an instructor should be the priority over which organization they train for. That being said, we are a PADI shop. 86% of divers around the globe are certified through PADI. Anywhere you go in the world your certification will be recognized. We are fair but expect our students to meet all performance requirements of whatever class they participate in. Our students pay for training not certification. However, we give everyone the best possible chance to succeed. If there is an issue, we will work with you to resolve it. We prefer smaller groups to large "cattle car" operations. At SLC Scuba, we believe we all have the responsibility of preserving our oceans and marine life for future generations. All divers should try to be ambassadors of the ocean. We focus on you becoming an excellent diver or improving your skills if you already dive. We look forward to working with you and your friends and family. Sharing one of the most majestic and exciting environments on our planet.

Some thoughts on Dive Training in Utah:

Scuba Diving and Dive Training in Utah seems an odd combination but we have some very unique geothermic activity (warm springs) that offer training year round. We have multiple wonderful dive sites to choose from. Our team has dived them all and are happy to guide any time. Where else can you ski in the morning and dive in 95 degree water in the afternoon?

Some thoughts on Technical Diving:

We are the only organization offering technical dive training from entry level to dive professional in the Region. For divers looking to go deeper or stay longer or existing instructors looking to add technical diving to your training options we are a one stop shop. The training is hard but fair. We have trained with some of the best in the industry but we don’t act like we are doing you a favor by allowing you access to this "elitist club." Technical diving has a purpose and if you are like us and enjoy deep wrecks and reefs or just want to extend your bottoms times past recreational limits to stay longer, we’ll be happy to provide you that training. We teach every open circuit technical diving program PADI offers.Additionally, we teach the new rebreather programs. Technical diving and rebreathers are not for everyone. You assume additional risk as a technical diver. We will work with you to understand if it’s a good fit and that you are attitudinally prepared for technical diving.